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Static Major Army (Explanation)

*I'm stressing right now, this is just for fun, this is no type of serious rankings*

I know you all have seen Static Major Army being thrown around here a lot lately, so I thought I'd take a minute to explain what's going on. Apparently Team Static Major or TSM (created by BL) was already taken, so we had to get creative and found something new in Static Major Army or SMA. This is by no means any disrespect or trying to make a mockery to anyone who serves our country, we have great pride and admiration for those men and women. It's simply a play off of the "major" in Static's name which happens to be a military ranking.

So without further adieu, here is the rankings that have been assigned, please take a minute to salute:

1) General Big Mamma
2) Lieutenant General Tim Neeze Barnett
3) Major General Buddha
4) Brigadier General Slam
5) Colonal Martina "Loose Rap" & Farid "The Freak"

6) Lieutenant Colonal BL
7) Major Stephen Ellis "Static" Garrett
8) Captain Spinner
9) First Lieutenant Pooh Bear
10) Second Lieutenant Yung Major

Here is a picture of Static co-signing the movement:

Oh and of course, what would an army be without it's theme song:


  1. This might be the most ridiculous thing I've ever read!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. ok so your ranking yourself by the biggest static major fans?

  3. Not sure how you took it to mean that. This is simply for fun and if you noticed everyone ranked is a pretty big contributor to the site so that is who we listed.

  4. lmao! Slam's got an imagination lol

  5. what the phuck y'all talkin bout?

  6. Family.. i appreciate the acknoledgment but ixnay on the if u kno what i'm sayin slam bam!
    lietenant colonal signin off.

  7. @Brigadier Slam - There's always someone that takes it the wrong way...


  8. @ Benjani so tru u cant PLEASE err body , Especially when they sayin somethin using the name ( Anonymous)LMAO. Come on now , we all have roles that we do here , Not just FANS & FRiends of STEVE, WE FAMILY .....4life .A SPECIAL THX to STEPHEN ELLIS GARRETT , for without his presence in our life then NONE of us would be here. REMEMBER , COMMENT, and REPLY to that . SALUTE


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