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Interview: Chris Lee (Close Friend of Static)

Here is an interview we did with Chris Lee who knew Static very well since they were young. He shares some great insight into Stephen Ellis Garrett the person.


  1. Great interview! Short,but sweet.

  2. Nice .took me bak ,they grew up on a few blocks away and we all used to hang out ay the Local ballpark LYNDON that is, we were sum tru hood hoppers, coo wit err body , even though alot of racism at the time, we stood our ground. Chris a good dude just like Steve, hesaid it best, A GOOD ONE GONE........4life, ill see hime when i get that call

  3. Chris Lee wassup boa!!! Crew static yall doin big shit gettin REAL homies of his for interviews!!! MUCH respect!!!

  4. One of the best interviews so far! thanks for this:D

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