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Interview: Rudy "Groove" Sandapa

Interview coming soon with Rudy, what would you want to know about him & his time spent with Static Major?

For those who aren't familiar with Rudy, he is the producer who did "I Got My," "All The Way to Heaven," "At the Bar," and "Dirty Mind."

Edit: the interview is on!
A big thanks to Rudy for taking the time to do it, he was very cool & very opened, we spent around 2 hours doin it! All the team was there, Buddha, Slam & last but not least thanks Dimu for having my back!
Everything went well, Rudy shared a lot of stories behind songs, about being in studio with Static, & a lot more... Again thanks to Rudy for comin over.
P.S: don't laugh about my french accent! It was between 1 & 3am for me, don't blame me :)

Interview put together by: Farid, Dimu, Slam, Buddha
Interview recorded by: Buddha
Interview done by: Farid, Dimu


  1. Do you have the demo of "Fire Lovin" by Pleasure P? I know he

  2. His first experience in the hood in Louisville!!..i recall one story in particular i personally heard from Goodfella and i'd love to hear his version of it..LOL

  3. 1.How did you get into the music business
    2. What made you wanna work w/Static?

  4. 1.How did you meet Static?
    2. How did you come to start working with Static?

  5. how many/which songs did you do with static?
    are you going to drop an (solo)album of your own?

  6. 1. Why didn't you release your mixtape?
    2.Did you do any other songs for artists besides Pleasure P and Static?
    3.What projects are you working on now?
    4.Are you still letting people know of Static's music? If so, how?

  7. I'm sure he's got a lot to talk about, keep posting questions, i'll keep an eye on that page while we'll interview him.

  8. Cant wait to hear the interview. R u guys gonna put up a download link for it?

  9. Anonymous, the interview should be up now, check it out.

  10. Yeah it's workin now, thx to Buddha for fixin it up, i'm kinda of newbie with some internet things sometimes.
    Anyway,don't hesitate to give some feedback
    @B L: is the Rudy version of his 1st day in the hood satisfy you ? :)

  11. great work on the interview guys, I've really enjoyed listening to it!

  12. amazing interview...i've known about Rudy for years b/c of an interview he did a while back; nice to hear his stories about his life and working w/Static

  13. Are you going to make this interview available for download?

  14. Yea I'll talk to Buddha about making it available for download.


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