Artist Feature: Stefon Washington

Now you're probably wondering to yourself, who is this guy and why are you featuring him on the blog?

Well check out the song "Ain't Like You" on his Myspace page:

Does he sound exactly like a certain someone? Well, he should because Stefon4U was Static's protege for 2 years. He was in the studio every day with Static and you can definitely hear the influence that Static had on him. Just check out the harmonies. Stefon also helped with some background vocals for some of Static's songs.

Check out the Static shout out at 3:35...

Check out his mixtape:

Also hit him up on Twitter if you have any questions or just want to show him some love:

I will try to get an interview with him soon, so he can give us the fine details of what it was like working with Static in the studio.


talkingcrazy said...

nice post Buddha! I've seen him on myspace, he really sounds like Static!

B L said...

yea lil buddy snappin..i hear static in him..he need to drop that gay ass auto tune offense to him but i hate that shit..other than that, yea i can tell static had an influence, plus he got that monotone voice like stat so i figured he would sound like him a lil bit

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