Digital Black Interview

Myself and Neeze just finished up this great interview with Digital Black. He really touched on a lot in here, so make sure you listen to the whole thing and of course leave your feedback. As you can hear from the interview, Neeze once again provides a great asset to us because he lived this and he helped guide this interview at certain points.

Digital Black Interview Part 1 (What's he's been up to, Memories of Da Bassment, Thoughts on a 2nd Playa album)

Digital Black Interview Part 2 (What led to the downfall of Playa, Meetings with Def Jam, Memories of time in the group)

Digital Black Interview Part 3 (Favorite Playa songs, Memories of Static, Static's Legacy)

Interview put together by: Slam, Dimu, Neeze
Interview recorded by: Slam
Interview done by: Slam, Neeze


jOSHiEOwASHiE said...

Interview was GREAT! Good job on the questions ya'll. Haven't heard much from Black on the site or anywhere so this was perfect. His gospel group Totally Dedicated is also real nice. If it weren't for this interview it would of taken me a minute to check out Ride 4 Me! The title alone kind of plays down how deep the song goes as Black mentioned but it really has to be one of the top Playa songs now in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

That was a great interview. And, tell Black stop pretending like he don't know we want a new album, and tell him the time has been right.


producer James Moore said...

thanks for reaching out to Black for an interview ... you should put up a download link for the connection-impaired lol

B L said...

this was dope..i can't lie i started to feel a lump in the throat when he mentioned how static came to his son's football was as if i could picture him,,reminiscing back to that day, lookin up and seeing static comin up the sideline..that was powerful..that story alone is a true testament to his character. RIP Static and we need another playa joint bad!!

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