Music: Brandy - Come As You Are

One of my favourite Brandy songs of all time and also one of my favourite Static songs of all time. I certainly felt this song would have at least advanced to the second round of the March Madness, but oh well.

You may also recognize this beat because it was in a clip from Jay-Z's Fade to Black DVD.

As you can already tell, the drums are slightly different from the Timbaland/Jay-Z clip.

Here's something for you to listen though:

This is Static's demo of the track for Brandy. The elements of the beat are the same, but it seems Timbaland revamped the beat by adding more sounds to the final version (Brandy).

Edit: Shout to Dude over at the Brandy forum for hooking me up with another version of "Come As U Are".

This version was on the Afrodisiac album sampler. Notice the crazy bass line on the song? The drums are different as well, from both the Static version and the final version of the song. I wonder why Timbaland changed it.


Anonymous said...

This shit is CRAZY!!!! love da Static demo..once again like La La Land tho, Static did a betta job on the demo than the final song done by Brandy. But Brandy still gets hers too. Hands down. Damn Static just come correct n all he do..wats do definition of an overachiever? Shit, the man who this blog site is all about

talkingcrazy said...

I agree with anonymous, Static's versions are always better. thanks for posting this!
Timbaland should've kept the very first version of the beat though (I have a snippet of that), in which he used more keyboard elements..that sounded even better

Anonymous said...

How do u set up an acct wit this blogsite?

DJ Slam said...

@Anonymous, you have to set up a google account. Go to google and type in "google accounts" and it should be the first option.

LCSS said...

Nice Up...its crazy to hear how songs progress from demos to final Statics case i love to hear what he did before he gave the song to someone's amazing hearing the diff.

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