Interview with Truth Hurts coming soon! (NEED YOUR HELP)

We're going to be doing an interview with Ms.Addictive soon, and the interview would not be complete without the readers' input. So post any questions that you have for Truth in the comments section and we will try to incorporate them into the interview.

Thanks guys!


Jasmine said...

Wat was your experience like working wit Static? Can u tell us in details? And what is a cherished memory that you can recall about this wonderful dude? Wen u first heard Static drop the song,what went on thru ya head? What other songs did he do for u? What was the whole deal about the album not droppin?

talkingcrazy said...

did you know who Static was before you started working with him?
did you do any other songs together?
did you co-write any songs with him?

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