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Interviews from the Skype Session!

Devante Swing:

Mark Gunn:

Susan Weems (Of Suga):
*Coming Soon*

Static's Mom:


  1. oh man, devante was there?? :O i knew i shouldnt have missed it

  2. Man im so mad dat I missed it. It was on my calender and everything!! Was this all da ppl who were there? I think u guys said Goodfella and Aura were coming thru too right?

  3. I showed up.. I was was an overall dope experience..but can yall post Gfella's was COMEDY!! yall did it big for the King tho. Much respect.

    OG music 4 life

  4. Yeah, props to Slam, Buddha & Neeze, you guys did it, i had & i sure know everybody had lot of fun, Gfella made laugh so much, cool dude, everybody was cool, Static Niece was also there, that was a very special moment.
    Thx to all who have been involved, thx the the fans too, keep spreading the word about the blog.

  5. aye and one more thng...can yall post that version of "Together " by Playa where Static sung the first hook?! I think that may have been his best vocal dis to Digital.but i think he ripped that better than Digital did on the Cheers to u version...I was in shock!!

  6. @BL you mean "Everybody Wanna Luv Somebody"? I'm sure we can get that up soon..

  7. yeah yeah..that one. Coo good lookin bruh!

  8. I really had a ball last nite @ listening party. Thank u 2 Buddha, Neeze and Slam for putting this together 4 everyone in Static's memory. There were a lot of cool moments, especially the stories from Goodfella and Neeze. Keep up the good work on the blog.

  9. Good times all around. Thanks for putting this together.


  10. funny how Mark put trey in the same category as static.After static my favorite singer is Trey.

  11. No offense to Slam but Damu should do all the interviews, sometimes with Slam it gets a little awkward lol but good job

  12. Anonymous, I'm not sure why you had to take it there, don't think it was necessary. It's not like I claim to be a professional or that I'm getting paid to do this. But anyway, these interviews were very hectic, and there were a lot of issues with skype. If you listen to the interview Devante's mic was very skippy, and it was hard for me to tell when he was done speaking or whatever. But anyway, I do give props to Dimu, he's a very good interviewer

  13. Tim "Neeze" BarnettFebruary 27, 2010 at 5:15 PM

    @Anonymous... I thought that Slam did a fantastic job. I thought that he and Dimu complimented each oher very well. This was the first time that anything like this had been done and my homies did a great job, all of them. We will all get better.. Lastly, If you dont have anything positive to say than stay the fuck off of our blog!!!!! We will continue to keep the memory of my dog alive. Although you may not like and or agree with everything that we do, respect the energy and effort the all of us put into to this. With that being said I would like to personally thank Slam, Dimu and Buddha for thier time energy and effort... Neeze

  14. I don't think Anonymous meant any harm with that comment, though it could have been worded better. All of us have flaws here and there, but just realize that none of us are professionals and we're all trying to improve.

  15. I thought Slam did an excellent job on the interviews and everything else, and so did Buddha, Dimu and compliments to you guys, I had a great time!

  16. Thanks guys for backing me up. Just remember, everything we do on this blog is for the love of Stephen Ellis Garrett and his music. When you are listening to the interviews, the most important thing is the person we are interviewing sharing their stories, memories and experiences.

  17. Slam, kyle , Neeze great time. Plenty of memory's and tears. ..................4LIFE.............cant wait to do it again

  18. just out of curiosity: are you also planning to release Make U Moan?

  19. Not for a while I don't think. I think it will really depend on what they plan to do with Static's project. I'll keep you updated though.


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