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ATTENTION: Feedback Needed, Tell Us Why You Love This Site! (We Got a Treat for You If You Do!)

We are looking for feedback on why you guys like coming to this site. Basically, we are looking for ways to improve the site in the future by figuring out what your guys favorite feature about the site is. In a nutshell, tell us why you keep coming back. Constructive criticism is good too, we just want something that will be able to help us and hopefully we can give you more of what you want in the future.

Oh yea, we got a special treat for anyone who decides to take the time to help us out here.


  1. When you post an interview or a long text make a jump(or a continue link) so we read it when we click on the post so that it doesnt cover the whole home page.The music download center, nobody discovers that easily especially newcomers.I dont know why the comments have to be aproved..any comment should be welcome & it takes a while for them to be checked & aproved so people have less to discuss because when they visit theres not that many comments & they wont revisit the same post just to comment.

  2. I love this site because you guys do all that u can to keep Static's soul and music going. He was the real fire behind this industry and even though he is physically gone his harmonic voice arrangements are still flowing in our ears. you still hear artists such as Pleasure P and Justin Timberlake trying to be what they can't be. STATIC! Anyways all in a nut shell I love the time and effort that u guys take to provide us with these records that no one has ever heard..excluding u Neeze lol. My favorite about this site is the downloads. gotta love taking this music on the go. Anyways u already kno who it is. Jasmine McDuffie. RIP STATIC

  3. This site is amazing because it is run by actual fans of Static as well as fans of music. Comments are positive and Static's personal friends(Neeze) bring the authentic vibe to the site. It's regularly updated with rare and unheard material which keeps it fresh and new. I feel like Static would be proud to have a site like this one. I think the addition of pics of Static would also be as great as his music material. (Neeze, where's the footage, lol)

  4. @Yung Major I've been meaning to add a continue button or something for the interviews. I gotta ask Slam about that though because I have no idea how to do it lol. As for the comments, it's not really about approving them or anything. It just gives me an opportunity to read all of your comments and gives me an update on when someone posts a new comment. Plus I usually approve of the comments frequently (within the hour or so) so I don't think it's that big of a problem

  5. Outside of what Yung Major aid about the interviews, I think everything else is fine. Even though i've not read an entire interview.

    As for why I keep coming back, I don't have no where else to go, lol. I really don't read blogs, but anywhere I can listen to Statics music is alway's going to have my attention and devotion. I don't even remember how I found out about this site, glad I did.

    Much love on the site and anything you do additional could only be an improvement on a site that I see no real issues with. Just don't stop uploading this mans great music.

    Thanks for all the time you guys put into this, and for not being selfish.


  6. @Eric: We're in the process of getting footage and pics soon hopefully.

    And a side question for the ones that have attened them:

    What does everyone think of those Skype listening parties we've had so far?

  7. I love this site because it has exclusive info straight from the source on one of my favorite artists! It's always kept up-to-date with fresh, unheard material, gotta love the music.

  8. I'd say that the best feature of the site is having the interaction from Neeze, that definitely sets the site apart from anyone else, it legitimizes things and I'm sure everyone appreciates getting the inside track from the man that was right there the whole time ..... for the interviews, you definitely wanna put a source link up there with it, so people can read it in a more reader friendly format, see the pictures included, or browse the source for other info they might wanna, and you wanna give credit to the interviewer ..... we definitely appreciate you being so relentless in the quest for info & music from Static enough to make this site a reality, keep it up

  9. I love the blog because it keeps Static's memory and music alive (and it's the only site that does so, his myspace never gets updated...), and has lots of unheard and exclusive music and background information (from Neeze) about his songs and life. Also, the site is updated a lot, clearly you guys put a lot of time and effort in the site, much love for that!

  10. this is one of my favourtes.. i come from germany and never knew that static was so involved in the making of great classic rnb tracks... dope!!

    my interest is more on the young static in the bassment era. it would be dope if you guys can get some of these great bassment tracks with static!!!!!

    of course those interviews...

  11. I think this blog is special because you guys are bringing us music, interviews, footage, pics from another perspective--the inside, from someone who was there and lived it.

    I would like to see more pics and footage, just because you can visually have an idea of who Static was, etc. Having the Skype listening parties is a great idea. I think letting us know a bit earlier will help,lol. I enjoy it; it's a different way to interact, which I think is important to keep us all connected.

    A lot of hard work is being done for this site, and it is greatly appreciated. Keep it up!

  12. I truly enjoy learning more about Statics music and how everything came together behind all the music . Such as he could whistle the way the NEEZE explained it. Im from/still Louisville went to middle and high school with him and neva heard him whistle . The blog to me keeps his spirit and AURA strong in the city .All the music and interesting knowledge that we gain from the site is wonderful. STATIC for Life

  13. I appreciate this site because you guys understand what Static brought to the industry. Equipping his fans with the music and knowledge that we would've never heard or known if left up to the 'executives'. I've followed the whole crew (Jodeci included) ever since Father MC. Jodeci is my all-time favorite group, so ANY extension of them is equal. And being that Static was an extension of DeVante, he is just as important to the game as his mentor. To sum it all up, Static was an icon who will probably NEVER get his just due. But this site holds true to his memory and talent. I salute you, 'Static Major IS music'!!!

  14. Man I don't even have a computer! I come wake my homie up EVERY mornin to see what's new here. I'm 22, but I been educatin folks about Static since %100 Ginuwine. I was like, 9 then. It helps that all I listen to is Static music anyway and yall got all the goods man. I get pissed off when I hear his unreleased music on here because he didn't have to go and he would still be crushin $#!t. But ima be right here wit yall, Thanks

  15. I've been a fan of "Da Bassment" crew for years. As a matter of fact I'm catching the Timbo concert here in Dallas tonight. I'm glad to find hard to find tracks and info on the music I went through high school listening too. I'm a collector of all of these artists music so this site is a must for me to visit on a daily basis. And thanks for posting that Other Side Of The Bed track! That was me on YouTube! lol

  16. That's a easy one...cuz it keep my nig STATIC'S name, music, and legacy ALIVE!! RIP King STATS!!

  17. Updates & New Posts On A Daily Basis Are DOPE !!!U guys have kept things consistent & not dry. U guys interact wit tha fans more than other sites do. The Xxclusive Unreleased Material Is Tha BEST PART. Some sites talk about unreleased material or play snippets but never RELEASE THEM & that turns fans off. You guys always deliver, that's what makes it fun to show up to this page. There's a story wit a lotta da tracks, The Music Download Center helps alot. MORE & MORE EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS would be dope from Bassment Members, Tha Supafriends, Neighborhood Friends Of Statics, Artists/Producers That worked with him alot, MORE & MORE PICS of Static. VIDEO FOOTAGE would be REAL TIGHT !!!!! Overall, I'm Luvin' Tha Site !

  18. Big Tim (Neeze) REALLY HELPS TOO, Some people are "too good" for tha fans who really appreciate the artist. Video/Audio interviews would help too. & U Know What Else I'm Bout To Say...INSTRUMENTAAAAAAAAAALS !!!! Haha

  19. The SKYPE parties r dope, another thing i was gonna say is to Inlude Playa On This Site (Smoke & Black) maybe in tha SKYPE sessions or interviews or stories about tracks etc.

  20. ALSO A BIG THING Waould Be Gettin DeVante Swing On tha Site For An Interview Or A SKYPE Session !!! So We DCould Ask Him Questions Concerning Static. The Other Jodeci Members Would Help Too But DeVante Would Be RAAAAAAAW !!!

  21. @ B L . U said it bruh . IT IS WHAT IT IS . 4LIFE.

  22. I gotta say i think you guys are doing a great job, you are paying attention to what the fans want, regularly updating the site, i don't think there has been a day where new stuff isn't up.
    Budda is the man he not only looks after the locals but international folk also lol.
    Thanks should go to Neeze for being so giving so everybody can keep remembering why we all loved Static. Australia in the house lol

  23. I love this site bcuz like BL said it's keeping Static's name/music and legacy alive. It's becuz of this site he will live on. Also I learn so much about Static "the man" no just the musician. It's great to know that there is place on the web where e'vryday there is something new for me to learn, listen or vibe to. The effort is greatly appreciated (on my end) as an avid fan of good music.

  24. i love thi site because it gives us a full personal experience through the life and times of Stephen Garrett... I dont feel left out about not knowing all that there is to know about this wonderful person....

  25. Tim "Neeze" BarnettFebruary 3, 2010 at 8:44 PM

    To all of you, I'm speechless!!!! Thk u all. Static Major 4 Life!!!
    Static Major 4 Life!!!

  26. @NEEZE Thank u. This all came together becuz of u,buddha,and slam. So lets KEEP IT u said . In due Time. Stephen Ellis Garrett is gonna get all the respect, credit and props that is due . We all gonna make sure of that...4life

  27. the listening parties r great..n i luv this site cuz the focus is all about static n his music which couldnt get any better..thx fellas!!!

  28. I love the site. Everything is right big music catalog..the best site for any music artist I've seen to date!!


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