Remembering Static Major 2 years later

Even though I never personally met the guy, it seems like I knew all about him through his music. So when I found out he had passed, it was difficult to accept even for me, because I grew up listening to a lot of songs that he wrote.

Fortunately for us though, his legacy will continue to live on, so take this time to comment on what your favourite Static song is, your reaction to his unfortunate death and just any memories you have!


Yung Major said...

Never had the chance to meet him but other rappers told me about seeing him at the lollipop video shoot.I remember watching Wayne perform the song & a lot of people were shouting R.I.P. Static Major, it was good to see that people still remembered him.

R.I.P. Stephen "Ellis" Garrett

B L said...

Never forget at his wake he had on the exact same fit he had on in Lollipop..Loc's and all. A true OG to the grave..RIP to Stephen Garrett. A blessing in disguise.


Anonymous said...

To b honest I was one of the ones who did not exactly know who Static was until Lollipop. When it came out I saw featuring Static Major on the video and I just had a hunch that his name sounded so familiar from an earlier time. I decided to look up this man who provided these nice smooth vocals to Wayne's song.Finds out this dude was a walking chart topper, a legend. The video should have said Static Major featuring Lil Wayne lol. Wayne needs to consider himself lucky.Anyways, I was sold as soon as the beat dropped to Wheels Fall Off. That was my fav song by Static but soon as I hit this blog, I have heard so many songs that ALL Of Them are my fav. Mark Gunn couldn have said it betta. U never hear a song from Static that u dont like. Static, Playa, and hits from other artists written by Static is basically all I listen to on a daily basis so wen I say I really appreciate all these downloads that u guys r providing us wit, I truly mean it from da heart. Even tho I did not know much about him when he died, I was still upset that this smooth cat left us w/o an album and he died rite wen he was about to blow da industry out the water on sum real shit. He just had this aura about him on Lollipop. That smooth OG gangsta feel. And ladies, if u even find a husband to be 10% of wat Static was, to be embraced by the presence of a cat that has got it made in every area, then consider yo self blessed. Much love always, RIP Static/Major aka DASH lol. Shouts out to DWash. Yall kno who it is..Jasmine McDuffie aka Savvy

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