Music: Static Major - Through It All (feat. Smoke E. Digglera)

EDIT: Smokey will be coming to the Skype listening party as well, so I should re-post this with...the instrumental to the track. Big shout out to Smokey for the instrumental.

Fun Fact: Whitney Houston was going to record this.


Anonymous said...

Wassup Guys! I am glad you reposted this b/c the last 5 days straight i have been going back to the playa section and on to the next page to listen to it!(i know i could have saved it in my favorites but i didn't trip off it) This song is soooooo raw! in the last 5 days i've played it at least 100 times! No Joke! Great job on the site and i am also very happy to hear that you moved the listening party b/c now i will be able to listen on in! As always you guys are doing a superb job on this site and keeping the music going.


Anonymous said...

This is one of the first joints from Smoke I heard. Searching youtube for some Playa, I think i'd let someone use my Cd, but came across Smoke singing accapella. Purchased some music from him, said shit if this is whats out there, let me see what the others got. Found some Static songs, and found Black on, I think.

But, them dudes had talent coming out the anus. Especially Smoke and Static, haven't heard to much from Black other than the one album.

There was a time when i'd be listening to Static songs I had, it was an albums worth, and people would ask were I found it. I'd tell them I couldn't say; because the guy who sent it to me in my email told me not to, so I said album to be released soon. But, i'm glad i've got somewhere to direct them.

I wanna say thanks again to the cats that run and operate this site, for thinking enough of us to not keep this for yourselves. I tell a lot of people about this site, and it is much appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Oh, and i'm glad Whitney didn't do this song. For some reason I just can't picture her voice on this. I don't know though

Wharton said...

I love this song just as much as I love "Cheers 2 U" and "Push" and "All The Way" and those are some of my favorite songs!!!

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