Music: Sunshine Anderson - My Whole Life (feat. Static) [Duet Version]

Farid introduced most of us to the album version of the song here:

But I don't think anyone knew that there was a duet version with Static and Sunshine. So I present to you the first version of the song before Sunshine re-did the song for her album.

I actually like bother versions of the song, as they both have different elements that I enjoy. On the album version, it's just a straight R&B song and I love my R&B. This duet version just has something special to it and the addition of Static's voice gives the song a nice vibe.

An interesting thing we should note is that the song according to ASCAP was originally called "Foolin' With You," so Sunshine must have changed the name of the song when she put it on her album. Rename it if that title works better for you. I'm just sticking with the album title.

Song is provided by Neeze courtesy of SWATT Music.


pooh said...

i like static on this version too..better than her

Neeze said...

Not any comparison in my opinion.... Statics version.

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