Music: Static Major - Fire (feat. Lil Eazy E)

So we have this hot joint produced once again by Rudy.

Though I don't want to take away the attention from this track, some of us fans noticed that Static wrote another track called "Fired" for 50 Cent (according to Static's myspace anyway).

So the question is, did someone just make a mistake with that 50 Cent song? I've looked on ASCAP along with many other sites and Static's name is nowhere on the 50 Cent track.

In my opinion, this 50 Cent song doesn't have any of Static's elements to it.

There can only be 3 theories to this mystery:
1. Static did write the hook for "Fire" by 50 Cent
2. The hook was written by Sean Garrett, but someone may have saw S. Garrett and thought it was Static. I should note though that S. Garrett isn't even credited so this theory is flawed already, lol.
3. Someone got "Fire" by Lil Eazy E and "Fire" by 50 Cent mixed up.

Let me know what you think and hopefully someone can clarify the whole situation for us.


producer James Moore said...

I'm thinking that he did write that hook for a few reasons ... we already know that he wrote for the hook singer Nicole S & the song's producer Dr. Dre, and according to Ozone, 50 Cent was looking to sign him for the Suppertime album ... and then if you listen closely to the hook, the intricacy of the lines, sounds to me like he could have done it, & when you write for big singers like that, they personalize & its not always as recognizable, like how The Dream wrote Mary J's Just Fine & it didn't sound anything like him

Yung Major said...

Wasn't this supposed to be on Suppertime?How come yall leaked it?

Anonymous said...

you should ask statics family next time you do an interview with one of them.

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