Static Major - Super Model

I know it happened to you at least once in your life, meeting someone that you swear she can be a super model, someone you just cross at the street, at the mall or at the bus stop :)
You heard that song on the previous skype sessions, Rudy talked about it, song was proposed for Usher, but he did used it or even record it, i'm glad Static kept it for his Suppertime.
I've been listening to that son gsince last summer, so i couldn't keep it to myself any longer, song is perfect for the summer, do i need to tell you that it helped me getting some numbers??? lol
Anyway, i've been workin on a little video to express myself on the song, just to say that any regular girl can be a super model, Static again benn reading my mind; enjoy the video!


Buddha said...

Good work on the video Farid. I loved it! I laughed at the Friday clips at the end though lol

Anonymous said...

Good job and i was gonna say i loved it that you put in the friday films!

DJ Slam said...

Nice work Farid. I think Buddha is pissed that Brandy wasn't anywhere in the video. Also, too much Keri Hilson!!!!

talkingcrazy said...

Great job Farid, we're proud of you lol ;)

SPINNER said...

Nice video FARID, Great song as alwayz,Team Staci Priceless......4life

Farid said...

Thx y'all, i didn't have all of my videos cause i'm on my old hard drive, i hadto deal with what i had.
@Slam: Too much Keri Hilson ??? Girl is too tall, to hard to handle but don't be afraid man :)
Friday clips lol, we're all the same, starin at a beautiful girl that cross the street, but we can't see our face at that moment, & i'm sure we're like the mouth open lol

Neeze said...

Good shit big guy....

De'Lonte Richie said...

One Of My Favorite static songs;

I'm 2MAN;

Black`s oldest child,

i'm working on a project on my own, and was wondering if i could put two of my tracks on your blog for you guys to check out;

get at me, or ckall me @ 502-356-0811



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