Rolling Stones: Songs/Albums of the Decade


Aaliyah - Try Again

Though I disagree with the number placement, I'm glad people still remember this song because it's a classic. Static and Aaliyah made timeless music together, and they will continue to live on through their music.

32. Lil Wayne: Tha Carter III

Even though "Lollipop" didn't make the best 100 songs list ("A Milli" did), we can still celebrate this achievement. If it weren't for Static and "Lollipop", who knows if Lil Wayne would have the success that he's having now, popularity wise and sales wise.

On a side note though, why is Aaliyah's self-titled album not on the list? Album is a classic!


Anonymous said...

''Try Again'' is one of my favorite songs ever! Timbaland's beats, Static's lyrics and Aaliyah's voice resulted as an AMAZING and perfect match! Still miss her. B.

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