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Music: Static Major - All The Way 2 Heaven (Snippet)

ppppremiere premiere world premiere (in my best BET:Access Granted voice, lol)


  1. If they are indeed releasing this as the first single for "Suppertime," in my opinion there are a lot of better choices.

  2. I agree with you, even if i love this track, it took a while for me to love it, cause it sounds different, for a 1st single they need to release something more dancing, more swingin' that everybody can like on the 1st listen. Somethin like they did by releasing "bus stop breezy" song was cool & you could bump your head on the track.

  3. Hey if they really release a single & plan on releasing the album, try to get other blogs like NahRight, 2Dopeboyz & Sermons Domain to post the single so Suppertime could get more attention

  4. Thanks for the suggestion Yung Major, we do plan to do things like that one we have a better picture of what is actually going on with the release.

  5. Just release coffee, get an ad with starbucks and we're all good!

  6. Tim "Neeze" BarnettDecember 17, 2009 at 4:12 PM

    I can promise you this, if Static was here right now he would not even consider this a single! This is some shit that we would have in the vault! Whoever made this choice, it is the absolute wrong choice! I know Static like the back of my hand and this isn't it! Get off of the fact that its talking about heaven and trying to relate it to Statics passing! R.I.P. To the King! I miss you nigga! Real talk!

  7. buddha, ur right about that!lol i love this sound..its def. different from what im used to hearing from him..but still good

  8. The song sounds good so far. However, as a single, I don't think it would be strong enough to create a lot of buzz for the album. If you ask me, I think "Till The Wheels Fall Off" could still hold its own as a single today. Beat is hard, hook is catchy, and vocals are smooth. Even though it was released a few years back, most people don't know that.

  9. cool song, weird choice for a single....they should've gone with Coffee!

  10. Now this is a dope snipped. Can't wait to hear the full song. Me being a major music fan and my career being music if they was to release this as 1st single i feel it's a good choice. It is in fact a different sound for Static but a good sound non-the-less. The production has that feel that music has been missing. This record feel so 80s - Prince feel to it. I love it!!!

  11. the snippet had threw me off ... but when I got tired of waiting and listened to the whole thing just now, I can get into it ... i prob wouldn't had picked that for the single, they probably figure it'll fit in with enough of the pop music to get the numbers, but I'll support regardless, buying it as soon as it comes out, might even buy a few copies


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