Suppertime Tracklist

This could be possibly change by the time the album drops, but this is what it looks like right now.

All The Way To Heaven
Bus Stop Breezy feat. Goodfella & Native
For A Long Time
I Got My feat. Lil Wayne
My Lady
Speed Of Light
Wish I Knew You Then

I'm not that happy with the tracklist, mainly because they left out a lot of fan-favourite tracks like "Infatuated", "Coffee In Da Morning" and "Private Number".

I can also tell you exclusively on the blog that "Wish I Knew You Then" will feature a special guest. Stay tuned!


a_smoove16 said...

Agree with Buddha. Tracklist could be longer; it can definitely fit more than 11 songs! And where is "Till The Wheels Fall Off"? I remember in an interview Static himself wanted that song to be on the album. It was the song that got him his record deal. The label should respect that.

Farid said...

For me personaly, all the song that Static leaked on his myspace back in 2006, they sound like the real Suppertime, & all songs match with each others, look what it was back in 2006:

1. Static Major - Till The Wheels Fall Off (4:41)
2. Static Major - Holla Back (4:08)
3. Static Major - It's The Way (4:18)
4. Static Major - Playground (3:47)
5. Static Major - It's Urgent (4:09)
6. Static Major - Infatuaded (5:14)
7. Static Major - Dirty Mind (4:00)
8. Static Major - Patient (5:42)
9. Static Major - 4 A Long Time (3:42)
10. Static Major - Private Number (4:27)
11. Static Major - Rollin' (3:52)
12. Static Major - Wish I Knew U Then (3:47)
13. Static Major - Speed Of Light (4:36)
14. Static Major - U Know (4:05)
15. Static Major - Deeper (4:50)

For me This Is Static Major!! The best track we heard was the track he choose to put on his myspace page, for me that means that was his fav.

Yung Major said...

11 tracks :S, i thought he had like 400 songs...they coulda gave us at least 16 cus this is probably gona be his only album

POOHBEAR said...

yea thats wack, i mean i wanna hear any n every static song but where is deeper & private number..2 of my favs??? luckily i have still

TFS said...

Hell yea, if it's going to be his only album they should go all out on it. I mean why hold back, unless they are going to conserve them in hopes to put out another one.

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