Music: Playa - If You Scared, Then Say You Scared (Smoke Comments on Static as a Person)

Here is Static and Smokey performing "If You Scared, Then Say You Scared" live. This is a really moving performance right here, and this right here is the essence of r&b music.

Here is Smokey singing his version of the song which appeared on his last album "The Truth in The Booth."

Also, I recently had a chance to interview Smoke, and here are his thoughts on Static Major as a person:

Smoke: He was cooler than a fan. He was a workaholic. He knew what he wanted, was put in a great situation to get it, and got it! Very blessed person. I'm very proud of his accomplishments. Easy to work with, too. Luv him & miss him, STILL!

Click Here to read the full interview, where Smoke talks about everything from his time spent in Playa, to working with Static Major, to running his own record label and developing his own artists.


Anonymous said...

You just don't find REAL music like this anymore!!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree

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