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Ask Tim: Interview with Tim Barnett (UPDATE #2)


UPDATE: The interview will take place Thursday night, so get all your final questions in!

Tim Barnett, better known to some as Static's best friend, will take the time out of his busy schedule to discuss the ins and outs of moments that happened in Static's musical career. Along with that, he's also giving the readers of this site an opportunity to ask some questions.

So leave the questions in the comment box and I'll try to incorporate as many as them into the interview as possible.

Tim was with Playa from the start and was essentially like the 4th member of Playa (still being determined if he can sing or not, lol.)


  1. Hi Tim,
    Here are some of my questions I have for you.

    1.How did Static feel about his children/niece one day going into the music/entertainment business?

    2.What is your funniest moment/memory you had of Static?

    3.What was Static like in the recording studio? Did he joke around a lot, or was he mostly very focused?

    4.What I admire most about Static was that he was an awesome songwriter as well as singer. What was his method of writing? Did he come up with the melody first, or lyrics?

    5. Static seemed like a very humble person and somewhat private,even though he was famous and in the public eye. What do you think contributed to him staying grounded?

    Thanks for taking the time to do this! Can't wait for your interview.


  2. Hi Tim,
    I have a question for you.

    How was Static's character?

    for exsample cheerful etc.

    Thanks for reading!

    I'm looking forward to your interview!


  3. Ay Mr. Burnett, Don't think that we take this lightly. It is an honor for you to take time & Share not only Static But You're encounters & views of life With Static Major & How God has opened up doors for you guys. I Appreciate you
    and hope to hear more from you and hope to see & hear more of Static's music, pictures, videos, live & personal footage etc. etc. Alot of us artists at heart appreciate true art & creativity. Static really poured out what was in him and never did us an injustice by keeping it in. I've been playin his tracks lately & the Playa tracks & just listening to his arrangement is blowin my mind. Of course tha man can sing, rap, write & produce but this dude had ARRANGEMENTS like no one else. I'm
    Luvin' it, so thank your Sir for serving us with this interview....... Here are my questions:

    1 - Were you around when Static was in "Da Bassment" ?

    2 - Could You Supply Us Wit The Footage Of "Da Bassment" Days (The Footage That Was Recorded &
    Shown On Missy Elliott's "DRIVEN" epsiode, Looks Like He Had Alotta Fun Back Then) ?

    3 - Could You Bless Us Wit The Full CDQ ORIGINAL "Slow Jam" Track That Static Did With Goodfella ? (I Like That One Better Than The Twista REMAKE)

    4 - Who Were Static's major influences, who did you hear him talk about over and over when he would make music ?

    5 - Whether Released Or Unreleased, What Is Your Favorite Static Major Track As Well As Playa Track & Can We Hear It ?

    6 - Is Suppertime Coming Out Anytime Soon Or Is There No Hope For It Because We Are Here In Support Of Him & His Gifts & We Appreciate His Music ?

    7 - Do You Have Any Music He Did Back When He Was In Da Bassment & Could We Hear It ?

    8 - We are very much appreciative of the footage we've been blessed with, with Static In The Studio Singin' "If You're Scared, Say That Your Scared" With Smokey, Will We See More Video Footage Of Static Major ?

    9 - What was the very last experience you had with Static before he passed ?

    10 - Will We Hear More Unreleased Material By Static & Playa Soon & Could You Give Specific Details On That Such As Tracks, Mixtapes, Singles, Appearances etc. ?

    11 - What producer do you feel was the best fit for & really brought out the true essence of who Static Major was when it came to music ?

    12 - Who Did Static Really Like Workin' With, Who Did He Get Excited About Workin With Constantly ?

    13 - How Did Static really feel about DeVante Swing, Did they still maintain a relationship after "Da Bassment" parted ways ?

    14 - What Is One Principle/Lesson/Sentence You'll Never Forget that Staic Gave/Told You & What Makes It Significant To You ? (Something You'll Never Ever Forget Until The Day You Die.)

    15 - When you release tracks of his & Playa's on the internet could you also release the "INSTRUMENTALS" with it because he really knew how to choose the right production ?

    16 - Who do you think has displayed the potential "now" to be in the same class of an artist like Static Major creatively whether underground or well known?

    17 - If There Is Any Way I Can Help To Serve, Support & Expose The Potential & The Many Gifts That Were All Wrapped Up In Stephen Garrett To The World, What Would You Ask Of Me ?
    (My email:

  4. First if all, it's really dope that you're taking the time out to give this interview, thank you! here are my questions:

    1. I saw on ASCAP that you were involved in writing a couple of songs with Static, for example ‘I’m game’ and. I was wondering if you co-produced the song, or did you co-write the lyrics?

    2. Is the movie (and soundtrack) ‘The Devil’s Grind’ going to be released on dvd? is there any way we could get to see it?

    3. Did Static have a favorite song (that he wrote himself)?

    4. Did Static still have contact with Timbaland, and/or was heplanning to work with him again? And how much more unreleased songs did he do with Aaliyah?

    5. What was his biggest musical influence?

    6. Will Suppertime still be released?

    7. What were his other plans for the future, did he want to act in other movies, was he planning a tour?

  5. Hello Tim Barnett!
    I'm from Germany and Playa's music put me through the last 10 years.
    What i wanna know is:
    Were there any other shots on live performances by Static, except planet groove?
    Did he do the backgroundvoice in concerts from Aaliyah or Ginuwine? or someone else?
    Are there some posters of Playa that i can buy?
    Sorry for my english


    Thank You Buddha and Mr. Barnett!!!!!!!
    Image from Berlin

  6. Mr. Barnett, thanks for doing this for the Static fans out there! I got some questions too:
    -what was Static's favorite producer/artist to work with?
    -are there songs out there that he didn't get writing credits for, and did he really write 50 cent;s fire
    -what happened to SWATT music, and does his record company still exist (maybe under another name)
    -when's the Devil's Grind coming out

  7. Tim...

    Not sure if you'll want to answer this but it's something i've been curious of for YEARS...was playa's break up b/c of anything internal at ALL. Was there any animosity amongst them? Just curious not tryna be negative. I jus found it wierd that they just stopped recording together...

  8. Don't know if someone already asked this or not, but what actually went down between Playa, Ginuwine, Timbaland and Missy? They all used to seem so close, and now it seems as if they aren' even friends anymore. Also, what was it like working with Devante? Did everybody go solo because of problems with him?

  9. Did static know how to play the guitar?

  10. Hi Tim,
    How was Static & Aaliyah's relationship
    in the studio & out of the studio?

  11. How old was Static when he realized that he had a real talent singing. I also heard that he was really shy at first when it came to letting people know that he could really sing. Is that true?


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