Music: Keith Sweat - Love Jones (feat. Too Short, Eric Sermon and Playa)

Here is a song that many of you may not know about, due to the fact that Playa, to my knowledge, was never officially credited for it. The song is off Keith Sweat's 1998 album "Still In The Game" and features Static on the hook. I believe Static penned the track while Smokey produced the beat. I'm not 100% sure about this information yet, but that is definitely Static doing the hook.


Anonymous said...

I KNEW stat had worked w/ Keith Sweatt at some point in the past when I saw that pic of him, Keith Sweatt, Trina, and Pleasure P at that party for Trina's bday in Miami. Stat had his arm around Keith.. I KNEW it!! That man got around in that industry boa!! L-O-U 5-0-2 Love!! RIP king Stats

Anonymous said...

i like it..a nice smooth groove! sad they weren't credited..great song!

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