Music: TQ - Paradise (Produced by Static Major) + Interview On Working With Static on the Song

This song was produced by Static and according to TQ, Static had originally planned to use the beat for "Suppertime." TQ explains it all int he interview clip below.

Here is an excerpt from an interview that I did for YouKnowIGotSoul with TQ. He was very open and candid about working with Static, and he basically tells you everything you need to know about the background of the song.

TQ on Working With Static Major

YKIGS: On your album “Paradise” the title track was produced by a personal favorite of mine Static Major. How did this collaboration come about and what
was it like working with him?

TQ: Well, my promoter, a guy who used to promote with me, was managing Static, and well….more than him my people had actually, people had been trying to hook me and Static up for the longest. And actually I didn’t know how heavy Static was until actually my DJ put me up on game, he actually said “you need to hook up with Static, you need to hook up with Static.” As he’s like that’s a good idea, and he just kept pushing and pushing, and then he started just showing me all of these records that Static had done, and I was like “Man these are all of my favorite joints!.” So then finally when he started managing him, I went out to Static’s house, we sat down and chopped it up, you know talked about what we wanted to do, he started playing stuff, and I was loving everything. Then finally he played “Paradise.” He was like “Man I got this song, I got this beat that’s crazy that I did for myself” because actually before he passed, he was doing an album, a solo album for himself. And he was like “You know I got this record that’s crazy, but I can’t come up with nothing that I like. If you want to take a whack at it, let’s go and get it done.” So sure enough I got to write “Paradise,” he loved it, we both loved it, we went into the studio and put it down. Now, it’s just taken on this…it has this eerie undertone to it because neither one of us knew that one of us wouldn’t be here by the time the song came out. To tell you the truth, I love that album, but I just couldn’t wait for it to be over because that song would get hard to perform bro. It’s like Static like, we really built a relationship over that time I was going to Louisville a lot, I would go to his neighborhood, hang out with his homies, all in the projects, everything, we would go out and party together, we got pretty close. So like I said, it’s not an easy song to perform, but if my fans request it, you gotta give it to them.


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