[UPDATE] Music: Static Major - Stallion (feat. Goodfella)

Even though Static was a widely known hit maker in the music industry, he never forgot about his people in Louisville. He could have easily worked with the Timbalannds for the rest of his musical career, but instead, he chose to work with local rappers and producers in hopes that Louisville's music scene would blow up as a whole.

He definitely struck gold with this banger titled "Stallion", which is produced by Louisville's own Spark1One. It also features a sick rap by Goodfella.

Unfortunately, a CD quality of the song doesn't exist on the internet yet. Like many unreleased Static songs, we may never know if we'll ever get to hear the song in CD quality.

And for sample lovers out there...

Pay attention to 1:12 to 1:25. Tell me what you hear.

Big props to my girl violinchick08 for the sample find.

UPDATE: After bugging him about the track for a good month (lol), Spark1one decided to share the song in CDQ with all of us. Enjoy! Big props to Spark for fulfilling a long request from me.


violinchick08 said...

Thanks for the shout-out. I appreciate it.

LCSS08 said...

Yo, the fact that the nutcracker (which is classic play and piece) was sampled in such a hot song is crazy...Nice post, excellent song. Stallion goes so hard

Anonymous said...

I listen to stallion almost everyday and never get tired of listening to it I love that song I so Raw

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