Live Chat With Tim Barnett on Skype

If anyone is interested, Tim is willing to go on Skype to answer some questions either about the background of the songs on the mixtape or anything about Static in general. For those not familiar with Skype, we can allow everyone to listen in to Tim talking, and he can respond live to questions anyone asks in the chat room. I will be willing to moderate the whole thing so Tim can focus on answering the questions while I gather them from the chat. Of course, Buddha will record the whole thing so whoever can't make it can listen afterward.

Please comment here if you are interested in doing this type of things. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

LET'S DO IT !!!! Hopefully after today tho, kuz i gotta do something today but yeah that'll be tight. Either Way.

Anonymous said...

I'd be down for the chat, depending on when it is. I have some questions about Statics music.

Thanks for the mixtape

DJ Slam said...

If we were to do it, it would probably be one night of this upcoming week, depending on Tim's schedule.

Anonymous said...

That'll Work !

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