Music: Truth Hurts - Addictive

This track took a while to catch onto me, but the song is a BANGER. It's a shame a lawsuit happened with the sampling of the original record (Thoda Resham Lagta Hai" by Lata Mangeshkar), because it really took a lot of the momentum away from not only the single but the album as well.


Farid said...

Lot of people was thinkin Dre did the song, but it's produced by Dj Quik (i gotta admit it sounded more than a Dre prod), when it came out i didn't know Static wrote it, i didn't like it cause it was that kind of commercial stuff, because of the prod.
But after the years, i still don't like that much the prod, but the hook & the way she sings, i really like it.

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