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Playa - 30 years To Life (Movie Soundtrack)

I've seen some of you talkin about the song "She Ain't So Bad", one of my fav Playa song, even if we just could hear a snippet of the song. Actually i think Static is doin it solo. The song contains a sample, from Barry White - Our Theme, released in 1981.
Static singin' is amazing, it fits perfectly with the movie theme, deep feelings about women/men relationships.
The movie was originally done in 2001, & the dvd was released in 2003, but the soundtrack never came out, & some songs that was played in the movie stayed unreleased til this day. Here's what was playin in the movie:

You can see another Playa song called "Baby Girl", song is actually "Lust" but an earlier version, beat is the same, but lyrics on the chorus & vocal arrangements are differents.
As always, on the, after reading the story, hear the music, but unfortunaly, only the portion of the tracks played in the movie are available (so forget about the background sounds of the actors lol), will we get the chance to hear the full tracks one day ??
At least you can watch the movie, a funny one, who brings you reflection about relationships for the 30's.


  1. thanks for posting. I hope the soundtrack will surface one day. I think Static wrote that Tijuana track as well (he did a couple of tracks with her).

  2. Static wrote "Explain It To Me", & he wrote & he's featuring on "Caught Up", both songs produced by Timbaland.

  3. thanks for the info, hope they'll surface someday. is Tijuana the same as Tawanna, who did 'Tonight' and 'Rain' with Timbo?

  4. "these last couPLLEEE days i been thinkin....she ain't so baddddd" GENIOUS!! just THAT part right there, lol, i mean that little line right there says SO much...!!! MAN that was my NIGGA...somebody get Timbaland's contact and bug shit outta him for that song PLEASE!!!

    1. I agree with you. That part alone make u hook.

    2. I want to contact timbo also

  5. @PLP: i'm not sure, but i think it's the same one
    @D L: you right, i've been lookin for this song for a while, in the movie the song is played for about 2 mins but it's in the background, you can just hear properly the begining, but i've been watchin this part of the movie again & again, tryin to concentrate on the song in the background, Static kills on it!


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