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Question Of The Week #4

What Is Your Favorite Song On The Christmas Mixtape?

Just to get a general feel for what people are feeling the most from the mixtape. Please vote when you have a chance, thanks!


  1. "Big Body!! I'm off at, off at!!!"
    OG music, i love his flow on this song, of course, i love all the songs, hard to choose, but this kind of style from Static, the OG style is my preferate.

  2. I gotta go with Grateful. The group harmonzing together over a beat by a Timbo that almost gives the song an eerie undertone.

  3. It really depends on the mood I'm in lol. I'm gonna go with "Stallion" for now though.

  4. 1 of my fav was on the tape was 1970 Somethin, but Drawls was just crazy

  5. Tim "Neeze" BarnettDecember 28, 2009 at 10:23 PM

    Either Thru it All or Off At! My reasoning is because I knw hw much these two records truly meant to Static! So when I listen, the things that he said about these two just get me weak EVERYTIME!!! But of course, I love them all. Those two would have to be the ones that get the most rotation in my whip!!

  6. I already knew 5 songs from the mixtape, so i choose from the one i didn't know, but like Neeze, Thru It all, that i first heard Smokey version, was one of my preferate song from Smokey, you can easily tell that the lyrics are for someone in particulary, that's what i like.

  7. Best tracks:

    1. Drawls - mad addictive! Vocals are crazy!
    2. Tru Entertainer - reminds me of old Tim beats
    3. Stallion
    4. Grateful
    5. Aaliyah Aaliyah
    6. Off That.

  8. It's hard too chose...the whole tape is banging, but my favz are: Drawls, Aailyah, Questions, Tru Entertainer & Off At

  9. I go back and forth Thru it All was always a stand out for me from Smokey's first solo, and it was good to hear this version with Static on lead and Smoke ad-libbing, and it was cool imagining how Whitney would be on it ..... Questions has been my jam since I heard it on Bud'das page in 08 ..... once I got the tape my favorite was definitely Drawls lol ... the background info definitely enhances the listening experience ..... Tru Entertainer is craaaazy, that intro sets it off and hearing them do so much vocally over a simple track, and knowing how many writers would ask for a producer to add more to the track before they could write ..... Stallion is hot for the clubs, and that woulda been a great single cause its an anthem, what guy doesn't go in the club with that attitude?


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