Goodbye 2009, Hello 2010

Even though this was the first full year without Static, he still a left his mark on the year musically. Let's rewind and see what Static brought us in the 09:

Pretty Ricky - Tipsy
Twista - Gotta Get Me One (feat. Static Major)
Static Major - Your Valentine
Smoke E. Digglera - On The Downside (feat. Static Major)
Pleasure P - Illusion
Pleasure P - Fire Lovin'

Playa - The Unreleased Compilation (thank you Smokey!)
StaticMajorIsMusic Presents: The Christmas Mixtape (Big props to Slam, Farid and of course, Neeze)

Just to name a couple of things. However, this is just the beginning of things. 2010 will be even bigger with a new single coming out, a new album coming out, and of course this blog.

To give you a sample of what's to come soon...

Here is the next single. No more snippets for everyone! lol

Let's start a buzz for this joint. We need Suppertime to come out!


Tye said...

Happy New Year! And how do we get the Playa compilation? This is the first I've heard of it.

PoetED said...

Yes Yes Yes!!! 2010 will be a beautiful year. And with music like "All The Way 2 Heaven" man this year can't go wrong. Now this is what i call a song. This record is amazing. STATIC you the best my dude!!! And whoever produced this record man shout out to you. AMAZING RECORD!!! I need a link for this record ASAP!!! R.I.P. Static Major

talkingcrazy said...

happy new year and thanks so much for everything you guys are doing! let's keep Static's memory alive!!

Buddha said...

@Tye: Smokey is selling a compilation of unreleased Playa material on his website. Most, if not all of the material is on my youtube page.

And they will be posted here as well in the future.

B L said...

the song is beautiful dude....the lyrics and how he arranged the song's structure and flow, as usual, is pure genious. Plus what he's sayin is so powerful. Let's go all the way to Heaven w/ each other...1 of the most innovative love songs ever. I'm sure Avonti can't even listen to this one...shit this is tuff for me to listen to. Love static and his music man. RIP bruh

LCSS said...

This trax is i stated on youtube: he is channeling Prince on this...this is real nice

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