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Music: Playa - Wrong Side Of The Bed

Here is another blog exclusive for ya, and this one is produced by Timbaland. A lot of us are probably familiar with this track, but this is in CD quality. Yes, I said it, CD Quality.

I remember discovering this track on Playa's myspace a couple of years ago. I had heard Outsiderz4Life's version prior to that and had no idea the original version was done by Playa. It is definitely one of my favourite Playa tracks (one of Tim Barnett's favourite also).

Whose version of the song do you prefer? Outsiderz4Life's or Playa's?

Outsiderz4Life - Wrong Side Of The Bed

Playa - Wrong Side Of The Bed

And a bonus for all the beat lovers out there, can you hear the tick tick sound in the beginning? Timbaland also used that sample on "Time" by Aaliyah, which I believe was written by Static. Though the song was unfinished, you can hear Static's trademark writing style on it.


  1. Tim "Neeze" BarnettDecember 2, 2009 at 6:23 PM

    This is one of my favorite tracks. Scott Storch actually played the piano. What made me really fall in love with this track is one night we were in the studio in New York with Timbaland and Scott Storch came through. We were all in the back room and Scott played it live and Static and Smokey hummed that shit! LIVE! Crazy. I have the footage and may share it at a later date! Holla at me.

  2. you can here the tick tick also on "fabolous - holla back" so the neptunes used it as well :-)

  3. Download link, pls? :-) Amazing site, btw.

  4. @Anonymous I'm going to set up something soon.

  5. @Buddha: Thanks man! I would be really grateful. ''Wrong Side of the Bed'' is awesome track and I really want to have it in CDQ. Thanks for posting it! Keep doin' good work! B.

  6. On the "Additional Links" section on this page, I've added a site.

  7. :-) Thanks man! I'm in love with this one! B.

  8. Ive heard both versions before and of course, i love Playa's version, but i prefer the rhodes's so raw and vocal arrangements are amazing!


  10. Tim "Neeze" BarnettDecember 17, 2009 at 4:23 PM

    By the way, I don't have a clue how The Outsiderz ever got this track!!!!! This was Playa all the way! We must have had a leak somewhere and I knw tht it wasn't Static or I! The Outsiderz are my peoples but WTF????

  11. that tick/beep sound at the beginning is the metronome click, you'll often hear it as a tick, a hi-hat or a beep, and sometimes people use it to count them in, if not through the whole recording ... I guess Timbo liked the sound and decided to include it on some songs ... I had a feeling Scott Storch worked on this when I first heard it ... def wanna see that footage too, a documentary would be crazy, you already got a built-in fanbase right here, and tons of other fans that don't know about the site yet


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