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Ginuwine/Static news...

So I'm sure you guys have read the interview Ginuwine did with Vibe Magazine where he discussed his falling out with Timbaland.

A lot of it is probably true, but I should also mention that Ginuwine is currently working on a new album so this may be used for publicity. Whatever the case is, Ginuwine's new album entitled "Elgin" will be executively produced by Bryan Michael Cox, who has been in some controversary with us Static fans. He has denied ever working with Ahmad Belvin on that awful "For A Long Time" remake and I'll give him the benefift of the doubt...for now.

Anyways, I came across his blog today and he talked a bit about Ginuwine's next album.

I am currently Executive Producing Ginuwine’s upcoming album. I am very excited about this project. We have some incredible songs on deck already. I have been writing with my mentor Greg Curtis, my cousins Wyldcard & DL2, Adonis, Rico Love, and new comers The Woodworks and The Council. Of course we are gonna get Johtna on that thing and Diane Warren has signed on to write a joint. We also have a Static Major song I did before he passed. I plan to be finished next month before I head to Denmark.


Could this be "For A Long Time"? Or is this another track? Let us know your feelings if Ginuwine does end up recording "For A Long Time".


  1. Personally, I wouldn't have a huge problem with it. I would rather have Ginuwine (someone who has worked with Static) record this track than some no-name guy. G can also sing (something Mr.Ahamd cannot do) so it shouldn't be too bad.

  2. It's cool with me. As a fan of G, I'd like to see it work out. Like Buddha said, rather have someone who worked with Static than a no name.

  3. I can't wait to hear it..Static + G = billboard toppin music. THey was a dope, kinda overlooked combo. I wish they woulda did a actual duet type song cuz stat's vocals was all over a lot of his songs anyway. Respect to Gin

  4. My hell naw. No disrespect. I mean dont get me wrong,I love sum Ginuwine but it just wouldn be the same. Static had to help G out in every song he wrote for him by doin the bkgd vocals. So it wouldn have that same ballad feel like that. But all in all i would rather have G drop the joint than Pleasure or ol dude wit the horrible auto tune

  5. whenever I listen to Static songs, most of the time you could hear Smokey & Black singing some of those parts, and Ginuwine too, its pretty much all in the family, so it's better that its kinda in-house, and they might even end up leaving Static vocals in the song ... on the other hand, Neeze had said Static had an issue with Ginuwine over not giving credit, and if it was never resolved, I don't see him giving away Suppertime material to someone who would take credit, but you never know ... I suppose, if B Cox is going public saying "we have ...", it may have already been cleared with Avonti & Lil D

  6. whoa whoa whoaa....I guess I took this the wrong way.. I THOUGHT he was sayin he has a "static major joint" as in a song static wrote for back in the day..u mean he redid a static song?? aw well can do i said before...leave my peoples' music alone man. If it was a joint they worked on together, cool..if not..beat it Gin. never mind my earlier comment....

  7. If it not Static on a static joint now then i cant mess wit it. If he could say who and how someone could do One of his many Songs the n cool. But since he isnt callin those shots then leave it alone. Like BL said .Nosirrr............................4life

  8. G is the only other person besides Smokey I could stand to hear sing it. I say he should do it.

  9. I think Ginuwine should leave the song alone. To me, its Static song to Aaliyah and that's how it should be kept. Static fell out with Ginuwine for taking credit for songs Static wrote for him in an appearance he made. It would be grimey for Ginuwine to do a song without him here to still say its ok.


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