Music: Makeba "Last Chance" (Co-Written by Digital Black & Makeba) (Produced by Young Sears)

Neeze dropped off this song for us and explained that it was originally intended to be recorded by Brandy, and eventually Olivia was flown out to Louisville to record the song. To this day, I don't think the Olivia version has been released, but I think Neeze might have that for us too. When I first heard this song, I immediately thought it fit Brandy's style, so I wasn't surprised she was intended to record it.

Makeba "Last Chance" (Written by Digital Black)


Anonymous said...

I like this.


Jasmine said...

love it. do u guys have da download?

Kelley said...

This is nice. Does anyone know why Brandy never got a chance to record this? I think it would have been a hit!

DJ Slam said...

Jasmine, unfortunately we can't put this for download.

Kelley, I'm going to wait for Neeze to come and discuss why Brandy didn't record it.

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