Music: Sunshine Anderson - My Whole Life

Dr. Dre, Timbaland and Kanye West are just a few of music's renowned producers who call on Static's services. Artists like Brandy, Toni Braxton and Sunshine Anderson are recording some of his songs right now. Static can be seen singing the hook in David Banner's new video, "Crank It Up," now in heavy rotation on BET.

Those lines come from an interview Static did back in 2004 in Velocity Magazine, where workin with Sunshine Anderson was mentioned. But i bet most of y'all don't know about that song.

The album "Sunshine At Midnight" released in 2006, didn't blow up like her 1st one, & that's maybe why the work Static did for her has been almost ignored. On the 1st listen i couldn't hear the Static touch, but after hearing some of his demo, i can compare that song to the work he did for Truth Hurts, another powerful female voice, & now i can easily imagine Static vocals layed on it.

Produced by Nottz, we also got Aura working on that song, plus 2 others on the album. Just remember that Static worked with Aura & Kanye West around 2002, & the Sunshine album was supposed to be out in 2004 with some Kanye West productions on it, so maybe some other tracks Static/Kanye worked together didn't made the final release of 2006...
So back to the song, after many listening, it is clear to me that it's a typical Static creation, the way she lays vocals, i don't know how the "musical term" of it, when in the verse there's a mix of solo vocals & harmonised vocals (for example, take Playa - Togeter, the way they sings the verses).
I'm pretty sure hearing the demo of the track will be very interesting... don't know if it will happen, so for now let's enjoy the final track.


producer James Moore said...

man, I remember hearing a snippet of this on imeem I think ... Nottz is one of my favorite producers, he's from VA like Timbo, Bink! & The Neptunes ... something in the water

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