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It's a Sad Day :,-( "4 a Long Time" Has Been Re-Recorded

You all gotta feel my pain on this one. I can't confirm the details on exactly what happened here, but this song leaked today, and as you can see, it's Static's song. I'm not even going to speculate on how he ended up with the song, because I have an idea. All I gotta say is, if you know the story behind the song, and how much it meant to Static, and then you hear someone else singing it who can't even relate, it breaks me down! Plus, this cat is using Autotune, I'm just going to bite my tongue. FANS, PLEASE EXPRESS HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT THIS, MAKE YOURSELVES HEARD!

Edit: bmc_1201

@StaticIsMusic I had no idea. I had nothing to do with that...


  1. This is str8 up *GARBAGE* !! You're hearin' it from a MODERATOR. AHMAD BELVIN, U have put this song to SHAME, This is RIDICULOUS !!!! I'M SAYIN' IT, THIS IS TRASH !!!!!!

  2. I listened to the first 10 seconds, how can this dude even do this, if he tried to sing it i might have shown some love but to autotune a song like this is just well, there are no words.I just hope this is not a sign of things to come, i really don't wanna see Static represented like this. He sounds like lil wayne or t-pain,ahh man you just can't!!

  3. well damn ... I thought you were gonna say Pleasure P re-recorded it because there was talk of his first "Suppertime" single coming out soon ... who is Ahmad Belvin? ... I'm gonna sit with this one for a little bit before I comment on it

  4. I agree, the autotune was useless. This shit is horrible. But, I got my laugh for the day.


  5. OMGGGGGG!!! why would they do that??? yea, im hurt..that is wack

  6. the whole point of "Suppertime" wasfor Static to get out there to the world, so its kindaa fucked up when this happens ... but I guess to the label, it takes care of not having someone to promote the album

  7. MAANNN I DON'T GIVE A FUCK HOW "GOOD" IT SOUNDS..THIS IS WEAK!! A weak situation I mean...come on man. THey might as well come to Louisville to calvary cemetary and piss on our homie's grave dude. I ain't feelin NOBODY singin Static's songs BUT STATIC. Unless Lil D sold it to somebody, which i'm SURE he wouldn't. Whoever "sold" this song to dude is a.....not a child of God. FUck outta here w/ this bullshit.


  9. Excuse my language for a minute but.....WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHYT. Static would never approve of this crap. And with autotune too?!! You cant be serious. If anybody, in my opinion, should to have the right to this song it would be Smokey and Black. No offense to Ahmad personally but that is a disgrace to the song For A Long Time and my big brother. Long Live Static Major....

    signing off Geechie Degreat

  10. I concur w/ all my Static Homies....It's BULLSHIT!...autotunes has officially killed R&B. And for someone to take a heartfelt song w/ a underlining dedication and turn it into "trash" needs there ass kicked!...

  11. 1 of my favortite static songs just got ruined.

  12. *shakes head* wow even though I try to look at music and rerecordings without bias, this doesn't even come close to the original. There's no soul anymore, Static sang it with feeling and meaning behind it. At the very least there could have been a better vocalist...c'mon now.

    I say, start a petition to release Suppertime! People need to hear quality music again from one of our generation's greatest songwriters and most unique vocalists!

  13. this shit is WHACK. shit has me pissed. dude sucked the soul out of it.


  14. WTF???
    I hope this song won't be on his album or whatever he want to release... NOONE will sing it better than Static, so there is no point to record it at all!

  15. he just raped the song...damn :(

  16. WTF..this dude needs to take this SHIT to the bathroom and flush it without wipin....this is some of the most disrespectful display of music from a want to be artist...TROUBLE TROUBLE TROUBLE comin his way ......4life

  17. just a thought ... on that idea of a petition, maybe we could get like a pre-order type of thing, to let the label know what they can expect sales to be like before any push from them ... don't know exactly how that would work ... but maybe

  18. Oh HELL no!

    This is some bullshit. Instead of giving out his stuff, they need to release his album and stop fuckin around.


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