Bukshot - Them Boys (Ft. Bizzy Bone & Static)

Bukshot is a rapper from Lousiville, he got that Dirty South rap style.
We know Static rep the ville & like to work with local artists, so here's one of those colaborations... Static is always doin his thang, but sometimes you can hear that Static talent is way far from some local artists.
"No White Flags" album released in 2004, with some Jazze Pha & Young Sears productions, i don't know yet, but my guess is Young Sears produced the song where Static appears.
If you wanna know more about Bukshot, you can go to his Myspace

Bukshot - Them Boys (Ft. Bizzy Bone & Static)


talkingcrazy said...

I remember this song, nice post Farid!

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