Music: Playa - "Don't Stop The Music" + "Cheers 2 U" Singles

After listening to some Bassment tracks, let's just get back to Playa for a moment...

Playa - Don't Stop The Music (CDS-1997)

1. Don't Stop The Music (Radio Edit) (3:26)
2. Don't Stop The Music (Snippet) (1:19)
I-65 (Snippet) (1:39)
One Man Woman Feat. Aaliyah Haughton (Snippet) (1:30)
Push (Snippet) (1:28)
Together (Snippet) (1:06)
All The Way (Snippet) (1:33)

Like you see, except the "radio edit" of the track wich isn't an explicit version, nothin is new, & you might wonder why they put the "radio edit" & a "snippet" of the same song "Don't Stop The Music"? Well i don't know the answer lol, but all i know is the "snippet" version has a different mix at the begining.
I'll be giving away the snippet at the Skype session on tomorrow, so stay tune!
The instrumental of the track (posted right before i wanted to, Buddha read my mind, it's scary lol), only available on 12" single, so props to, the rip is in good quality (might be a little bit speed up than the CD version).

Playa - Cheers 2 U (Promo CDS-1998)

1. Cheers 2 U (Radio Edit) (4:01)

Nothin special on the Promo Single, just the Radio edit for the collectors, covers is a little bit different on the CD than the retail.

Playa - Cheers 2 U (CDS-1998)

1. Cheers 2 U (LP Version) (5:11)
2. Cheers 2 U (Instrumental) (5:06)

Imma giving away that instrumental too on the Skype session, so make sure you'll be there!

P.S: just clic on each pictures if you want to download the covers


producer James Moore said...

I remember buying that too and being amazed at the snippets of those album cuts ... Don't Stop the Music was kinda what you expected to hear from someone that came in with Tim & Missy, and Cheers 2 U was still a classic Tim type ballad, but the other songs gave you insight into Playa as their own group aside from the rest of the camp

Anonymous said...

Dope classix!

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