Music: Playa - Don't Stop The Music (Instrumental)

Static Major Is Music announcement:
Despite never being officially announced, I'm sure it was already quite obvious that Dimu is part of the team. Even though he doesn't do any postings for the blog, he's helped us out with numerous interviews, and has also done a lot of behind the scenes stuff.

Plus it was also his birthday yesterday, so here's a treat for him because I know he loves instrumentals a lot.

Check out this sick Timstrumental, big ups to the folks at for this hook up.


SPINNER said...

Happy Belated Bday Dimu....4life......thx for all the help and input

Dimu said...

Appreciate It Homie !!

jOSHiEOwASHiE said...

Happy belated Dimu! keep doing your thang!

talkingcrazy said...

big shoutout to Dimu, happy belated birthday!

Dimu said...

Thank Ya, Thank Ya !! :)

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