Music: Playa "Left U A Message" featuring G-No The Latin Bird (Unreleased Playa Song)

My man G-No recently leaked this snippet of an unreleased Playa song that have his vocals featured on it. The full version of the song features a verse from Static and two from G-No. From what I'm hearing, this song has potential to be great, it's really smooth! G-No's new album "Latin & Blues" will be released soon and features a duet with Bizzy Bone from Bone Thugs N Harmony.


producer James Moore said...

I remember seeing G. No & Smokey's DVD where G. no was talking about an unreleased Playa song that Smokey had gave him, I like it & hearing about a G.No & Bizzy Bone collab definitely came as a surprise but I can't wait to hear both songs

Anonymous said...

I can't wait either to hear both songs. I think i'm gonna end up buying G.No's album, even though I won't understand a word he is saying.


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