Music: J Valentine - Get Wit This Pimpin (featuring Snoop Dogg)

Here is the final version of the song.

Now if I used all of this time researching Static music on my school work...I would be a straight A Student.

Enjoy :)


Anonymous said...

statics is better

Jasmine said...

so tru anonymous. I have already realized dat so I dont be too thrilled to hear da final version. Once again another artist use Static's vocals on their track bc they cant hit the notes that he do

It is wat it is.
-R.I.P. big dawg

Sebastian said...

Just proof that no one puts it down like Static.
Like Jasmine say, no one can duplicate only imitate.

Sebastian said...

Can't nobody touch Static, as DJ Clue would say often imitated never duplicated. Not even Big Snoop could save this version, but at least they didn't autotune the hell out of track.

Yung Major said...

Someone should add snoops verse to statics version!

Sebastian said...

Yung major, i think that would be really dope, two of biggest in the game together, i wonder if Static ever did a song with snoop?

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