If You Had the Choice, What Would Be Your Suppertime Tracklisting?

I think now would be a good time to put this out there since you all have had a chance to hear nearly a couple hundred Static songs at this point. So the question is, if you were in charge of putting together Suppertime, what would the track list be? I know it's going to be hard to decide, but let's limit it to 15 songs max. Also, even though we haven't included a few songs on the site like "Lova Lova" and "Won't Get Us Nowhere," if you have heard them feel free to include those on your list if you feel they would make the cut. I'm anxious to see what everyone is going to choose!


Anonymous said...

1. All The Way To Heaven
2. Drawls
3. Coffee
4. Lush
5. Infatuated
6. 4 A Long Time
7. Speed Of Light
8. Valentine
9. Won't Get Us Nowhere
10. Brand New Start
11. Off At
12. Rollin'
13. It's The Way
14. I Got My
15. Miracles

I think I would put these on Suppertime


a_smoove16 said...

1. Till The Wheels Fall Off (Original or Remix)
2. Bus Stop Breezy
3. Patience
4. Brand New Start
5. Miracles
6. Infatuated
7. Deeper
8. Rollin'
9. Private Number
10. At The Bar
11. Lush
12. For A Long Time
13. Coffee
14. Through It All
15. Illusion

I think this tracklist would be a good introduction (to the casual fan) to the versatility (genius) of Static Major! Mixes some bangers with and slow/mid-tempo ballads. For me personally, I could make a 2CD album, maybe one disc uptempo songs and the other with ballads.

talkingcrazy said...

Wheelz fall off
the Girls
Playa Talez
Ease come, easy go
we'll meet again
Brand New Start
It's the Way
u know
For a long Time
Pressin tha Issue
Off at

talkingcrazy said...

I put in 1 bonus track lol

Anonymous said...

1. I Got My
2. Touch
3. Ride till the Wheels Fall Off
4. Get With This Pimpin'
5. Coffee
6. Private Number
7. Freaky Guy (If he had a chance to complete it)
8. All The Way 2 Heaven
9. It's The Way
10. It's Urgent
11. Slow Jams
12. Off at
13. Bus Stop Breezy
14. What U Workin' Wit
15. U know

Ps. not sure whether what u workin wit is statics or deneas track.

SPINNER said...

1.4 a long time
2.lova lova
3.get wit this pimpin
6.all the way 2 heaven
7.if I was your man
8.brand new start
10.Speed of light
11.till the wheels fall off
12.bus stop breezy
13.privat number
15.the girls
17.pressin the issue

I would say more, can we make it a double CD? to much of that real music from such a real Artist . He would have taken over the game more than he already has . Like STEVE " Said SO many Songs" and we havent heard half im sure .NEEZE hint hint fam. I know "In due Time"..Static Major ...4life 4 eva

RowB said...

1.How I Like it(Doggystyle)
2.I Won't Go
3.Point of No Return
4.At The Bar
7.Dirty Mind
8.Bus Stop Breezy
10.Get Wit This Pimpin'
11.All The Way 2 Heaven
12.Till The Wheels Fall Off
13.I Got My
14.U Know
+Bonus Track-Good Weather Music ft.UGK

Anonymous said...

I would want whatever he wanted. I know Static had to have a few lists together.

RowB said...

I really don't think the track list would matter, when your dealing with an artist like static, you listen to him for his sound, his genius,his talent, which is relevant on every track.

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