Interview: Kieran Roberts

YouKnowIGotSoul in conjunction with StaticMajorIsMusic had a chance to catch up with Kieran Roberts to talk about everything from his debut album, to the follow up, to having the chance to work with Static and all of his experiences involving that, to upcoming movies he's working on. I hope you enjoy it and support his music!

Interview Done By: DJ Slam
Interview Recorded By: Talking Crazy
Interview Edited By: DJ Slam & Talking Crazy


Anonymous said...

Excellent interview as always, Slam. The thing that always seems to make me say wow, is hearing everybody talk about how chill Static was, and how humble he was. I know it shouldn't come as a surprise after the umpteenth person saying it, it is just good to hear.

Much love to Kieran as well, i'm actually diggin his music that he did with Static, and outside of Static. Still, I would love to hear Statics version of You Saved My Life. It is a great song, I think.

Again, great interview Slam


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