Music: Static Major - Private Number (UPDATED WITH CDQ)

Here it is, my favorite Static Major song, and probably one of my favorite songs OF ALL TIME! As a bonus, you can see him performing it below live. A lot of people say it sounds a lot like "Some Ol' G" from Ginuwine which Static also wrote, and I agree. I asked Tim about this and her pretty much said this was recorded years after that, around 2001. Unfortunately, a mixed version of the song is not available right now, but I'm constantly on the hunt for it.

Also, if you listen closely in that video around the end, he's singing a part from Michael Jackson's "Human Nature." Pretty cool stuff.

Edit: It is Slam's birthday tomorrow, so I had to hook him up with something.


James Moore said...

thats dope, I always thought Private Number sound like a blend between Human Nature & Same Ol G

Anonymous said...

ooohhh tank you very much for this. this is my favourite Static unreleased track!!! I love it so much!!! thanks from germany

DJ Slam said...

Thanks for the shout Buddha, of course having the CDQ of one of my favorite songs ever is a great b-day present!

Wharton said...

love how the chorus is so catchy that it gets stuck in my head! If only Static could have released this as a single & made a video for it-it definitely would be an anthem

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