Coming Soon: Shannon Miller Interview (Static/Da Bassment Era)

Dimu: StaticMajorIsMusic has caught up with Shannon “Big Shann” Miller. For those that are unaware, “Big Shann” served as tha Vice President For “DA BASSMENT” working alongside DeVante Swing to shape the vision of what has influenced the direction of music in the 90s/2000s & has elevated tha careers of Timbaland, Missy Elliott, Ginuwine, Tweet, Magoo, Playa & tha list goes on. Many of you remember him on tha album credits for Sista’s album back in ‘94 as well as his appearance in both of DeVante’s “Gin & Juice” videos. This man is a major contribution & major piece to tha puzzle that basically birthed tha style & sound of not only “Da Bassment” but R&B as a whole. He’s given us tha privilege of snatchin’ em up for a few ticks so we can get tha full scoop of what went down in the early days of Static’s career & “Da Bassment” crew. As some of you know, Farid & I hold down tha “Bassment/Jodeci” sector of Static’s legacy, so submit any questions you might have for this musical veteran."


Neeze said...

Whats good big homie? I hope that all is well. I know that you were a very intricate part to DA BASSMENT legacy.... My questionS to you are:

1.What was your first meeting with Static?

2. What was your first impression of him as a person as well as an artist?

To all of the followers of the blog please take the time to ask Shannon a few questions. I can assure you that Static told me all about the crew and the experience. This guy was definately a "MAJOR" contributer to a "MAJOR" movement!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

What are his memories of the time spent in Da Bassment?

What did he bring to the table?

i'll think of more questions


Anonymous said...

How did you come to meet Devante and become apart of what he was trying to create?

How was it working with so many talent songwriters at one time and what was your role in their development?

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