Music: Static Major - All The Way To Heaven (Early Version)

With the assistance of people like Neeze, Rudy, Goodfella, Spark1one and many others, we've been able to learn what Static was like in the studio. However, we've never had the opportunity to listen to how a Static Major song is actually made, from beginning to end. So here is a special treat for everyone, as we are about to let you hear an early version of the Rudy produed track, "All The Way To Heaven".

As you can probably notice, a lot of Static's signature background vocals are missing from the track. This really makes me appreciate the man's music because his harmonies, although unique and different, never sounded over the top or unnecessary. He was able to find the perfect combination of everything to make the song sound "just right".

Here is the final product for those who have not heard it:


Jasmine said...

I love that u guys provided with the opportunity to c da masterpiece in progress. Thanks yall

B L said...

Love it love it love it.. any more of these yall get, please post! Ain't nothin like hearin it put together..i could listen to a cd full of unfinished tracks (wierd i know but his harmonies and arrangements were so dope and complex i like hearin one or two layers).

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