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Music: Static Major - I Wish I Knew You Then (UPDATE with CDQ of the track!)

I'm sure all y'all know about this song, it has been put on Static page back in 2006, but you might still wondering who the lady is on the song?
It's Tanya White Aka Freckles!

I promise you to give you more about her later...
But for now let's listen to that song again, probably my preferate song by Static (i hate sayin that cause i say it on almost most of his songs lol)

Buddha Edit: You may also recognize her name because she wrote "Trouble" by Ginuwine.

EDIT#2: Once again, we have the pleasure to give you the listen (of one of my personal fav track) of a cdq version of a supposed Suppertime track, enjoy!


  1. AYYEE...She was on his top friends on his myspace back in the in 06. I remember goin to her page from his one day after she wrote on his wall This song is supa cold tho!! They ripped it. Especially that riff in the beginnin!!!

  2. yeah, & i was always wondering who she was for Static, she also worked with Static on others songs, but like i said, i'll talk about her in details later...

  3. according to ascap they did a song called show up play big together...i hope she'll release that!

  4. There is actually an unreleased Static song called "Show Up" featuring Chink Santana where the hook goes "Show up, Play Big" but I'm not sure if that's the one you mean.

  5. i coulda sworn it was missy..sounds jus like her..n i would love to hear this show up play big song..get

  6. Pooh, if you are talking about the one I mentioned, we got that, but if you wanna hear that, for now all I can say is you gonna have to tune into the next listening party!!

  7. @Pooh, Slam is right, song has been played at the last skype session if my memory is good.
    And i think it's the song you talkin about, Tanya got writings credits on it, but no vocals, maybe she did the originally rap on it, on the demo version, who knows.... Neeze mabye :)
    Cause she started as a rapper/singer.

  8. do u guys have the downlaod to this song?

  9. This song will not be released by us! You can come to one of our listening sessions to check it. This song may be on the Suppertime album so we do want to do anything to compremise anything having to do with that. I hope that you understand!


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