Music: Jodeci - What About Us (Mr Dalvin Remix)

As a Jodeci follower 1st, i had to hook you up with this one!
Most of y'all probably think that the 1st Static apparence is on the Mr Dalvin remix of "Brand New" for Sista, but this same year was released the single "What About Us" from Jodeci with Swing Mob remix (wich include Timbaland & Magoo) & Mr Dalvin remix.
Static was DeVante protege, but also Dalvin, cause he included Static in 2 remixes & they both appears in the "True O.G" track.

The song came out in 94, but you can only find that Dalvin remix on the tape single & the 12" single, & i gotta thank my man Stingy for ripping a good quality of the song, so i could notice that Static is singing the bridge at the end of the song.
This is strictly for the Bassment lovers here, young Static on a Jodeci track means to me again that he was definely one of the best out of the Bassment crew, & like they all said at that period, you had to get DeVante's atention by doin your best, & he did.


Anonymous said...

I have this and some other Jodeci "rare singles", the best thing about their remixes is that you pretty much get a brand new song. jodeci invented the remix.

Great post.


Sebastian said...

Thanks Farid and Stingy for this up, I have never heard this version,this blog just gets better every day.

talkingcrazy said...

great find Farid!

Jasmine said...

Love this. I bet that's Static whistling over da track too

Buddha said...

Wow! Great find Farid.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to get a DL link, cant find this anywhere?!

Farid said...

Yep this is hard to find stuff, i heard it when it came out, then i had a bad quality version about 10 years ago, my Stingy ripped it from the tape single lately, gotta ask him about sharing a download link tho.
Stay tune, we can still surprise you with things from the past!

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