Music: Static Major - How I Like It (Doggystyle)

We've heard J.Valentine's version, but here is Static's solo version. Got to say thanks to a good friend of mine for hooking me up with this joint and some other hot ones. It's great to see people out there who are willing to contribute with anything that they have.


Anonymous said...

Buddha and da crew I just want to take da time to thank u guys for putting all your time and effort into this site. I am a tru fan of Static Major and without u guys i wouldn't be able to bump the huge collection and would be chart toppers n my whip like i do. Im not from Kentucky but my nigga stays there over by Shawnee Park so I know what life in Louisville is like. Im loving wat yall do and dont stop. Special thanks to Neeze too for keepin his boy's soul alive. I can tell music was his life. Much Love always
-Jasmine McDuffie,reppin da streets of ATL

LCSS said...

Yes Sir...I am w/ Jasmine on this one. Static was a force to be reckon w/ in and out on the booth. I have yet to hear a artist (group or solo) that can stack vocals like him and/or Playa.
Big ups to B, Neeze, Slam n da crew for keeping Static alive...he will live on, aint no doubt.
As for the track, nice up as usual Static killed it!

Anonymous said...

Feel the same way. Thanks for keeping his music around for us all to enjoy.


Buddha said...

I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say I appreciate the love!

DJ Slam said...

Thanks guys, we definitely do appreciate the love! And trust, the best is yet to come!

talkingcrazy said...

I have to agree with LCSS, Jasmine and Bravery, thank you guys so much for all the exclusives and for keeping Static's memory alive!Gone but never forgotten!

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