G.No Interview with Lingerie of Pretty Ricky

I just found this interview that G.No conducted with Pretty Ricky's new leadsinger Lingerie. Since it touched on the subject of Static I thought I'd post it here. Enjoy!


producer James Moore said...

if ya'll look on youtube, for the song Real Chik, from Lingerie's group Crave, they did the video for that with the Pittsburgh Steelers, it was like an answer record to Destiny's Child - Soldier, one of the bigger hits from their album ... they did a lot of performances in the regional area, including Ohio and other surrounding areas & they got to open up for Pretty Ricky a few times, & I remember when both groups did the last Summer Jam in the city before the urban station got sold, Pretty Ricky came on stage and announced that they had signed Crave ... the first lead singer to replace Pleasure was also from Pittsburgh & the Mean Street camp, that was Ambition aka 4Play, he did the unreleased 3rd Pretty Ricky album 80's Babies, & he's been doing some work with the Corna Boyz lately

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