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Pleasure P No Longer Releasing "Suppertime"?

I can't confirm this is true or not, but what I can confirm is he has released a new single called "Change Positions" off of what he is now calling his "The Pleasure Principles" album. Maybe we can get confirmation from someone who is closer to the situation.



  2. We're probably responsible for that. I feel bad lol

  3. lol Buddha, that was my intial thought

  4. Nah I don't think we were responsible for it to be honest. There's other stuff behind the scenes we aren't aware of, and also the reason we were given permission to put these songs out there.

  5. I dont see why you guys are so "peed off" by Pleasure calling his album Suppertime. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isnt he just putting Statics name out there? And this would be good for static and the blog because more people will statrt to listen to his music. Its not all about "swagger jacking" lol

  6. SPINNER FROM THE 502May 25, 2010 at 12:40 PM

    @BenjaniKanuUtaka its about the way that it went down , he can rep Steve , just dont touch his ish and try to profit off this man who handed u ur career, Now that was his Dude , but Statics sudden death changed everything . The grass had to be cut so we could see the snakes and the vultures were above . Plus It is what it is .Nuttin confirmed . As NEEZE would say to me in due Time bruh we will see........4life

  7. @Benjani, for me, I just didn't like the notion of dude RECREATING static's tracks, i.e., singing them over. No siree bob. Not gonna fly w/ me. However, if he were to release a double album, with Suppertime, the REAL suppertime, not his re-creations of every song. then bingo. All to the good. Then, what you're saying would hold true. I just think dude is so on static's jock he just wants to hear how he would sound singin them DOPE tracks himself. Even tho the world will know them ain't his tracks, there's still some subliminal credit he'll get, and i thnk he likes that idea. Just my humble opinion

  8. permission to leak Pleasure's Suppertime tracks? are those the latest batch we've been hearing or are they still in the stash?

  9. @BenjaniKanuUtaka, if everytime my homeboy goes out he takes me with him and everytime he buys a new pair of shoes he tosses me a fresh new pair as well. Puts me on to some game so I don't have a hard time talking to the ladies or figuring out a way to make some loot. If from that love I receive, when my dog who looked out for me is no longer around, for whatever reason, if instead of taking the love and game he showed me and building on that, I decide to show up to his spot and take his clothes and try to wear them like they fit me just as well. all that i'd be doing is not repping a man, it'd be trying to imitate a man that loved and looked out for me. There is something dirty in trying to live someones elses life and pass it off as your own.

    If pleasure was taking what he learned from Static and flipping it into his own style, it'd be different. He's not going to the mall to buy his own gear with what he was taught may look good on him, he is showing up to that mans house to take not a pair of shoes and two outfits, but tak ALL HIS CLOTHES. Them shits don't even fit pleasure anyway, they about four sizes too big.

    Also, if all he was doing is naming his album Suppertime thats one thing, but to try and take all this man owned, and things he alone should be remembered by, because on the outside to me, it looks as though pleasure don't think he can do it on his own. Like I said, to me, there is something dirty in that. Don't try to walk in another mans shoes, get your own pair of tims and go stomping with the big dogs.


  10. @ Bravery thanx for breaking it all the way down , Damn u have a way wit words fam ....4life

  11. Nicely put Bravery.

    @Producer James, there were so many versions of Suppertime because Static kept recording more material, so it's hard to say what would have been on there, but we would have expected a song like "Miracles" to be on there, possibly even "My Lady." Most of the other stuff we've posted probably wouldn't have been on there.

    It's been some years now, and we still haven't heard Pleasure do any of Static's songs. I've heard he recorded some, but those never hit the light of day and it seems like he's moved on from that, so I don't we have to worry. I'll try to find out more details.

  12. Bravery...way to paint a picture big guy. Couldn'tve said it better.

  13. ya'll gotta remember too, the joints Pleasure did with Static when he was hear, it wasn't just carbon-copy Static music, it was Static's interpretation of Pleasure's personality, style, slang, ... what he saw in him, & Rudy said Static learned some things from Pleasure too, & that's why we couldn't really tell the difference when Rudy wrote a song for Pleasure on its own, they created the "Pleasure" sound, so you can expect that to still be around, but it'll obviously change some without Static there, & like Slam said, he only had 2 of Static songs on his album, although there was 2 or 3 that sounded pretty close, so maybe he's trying to move away from it a little more, never really know

  14. Pleasure P didnt even show up to Steve's funeral!So to me its all Wrong!!!!!!! He is soposed to be his mentor but couldnt atleast pay respect?

  15. thats bullshit i love pleasure or should i say marcus cooper get the haters outta here and do yo thang boo


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