Music: Static Major - Good Lyfe (Demo for Kieran)

We came across this song a while ago, not knowing at the time that it was a demo for Kieran.

Now I'd love to give you some more background information about this song, but I'm sure you will get all the details you'll need, as well as the full background story on the collaboration between Static and Kieran from the interview DJ Slam has recently done with Kieran. The interview will be up soon...

In the meanwhile, you can listen to Kieran's version of Good Lyfe on his facebook page.


Anonymous said...

Love this song. Kierans version too. Its just a real feel good song. play this at a summertime bbq.


Sebastian said...

Thanks TC, I really like this song, good for just kickin back and chillin.
Slam did an interview with Kieren, I can't wait to hear his thoughts on Static and his chemistry with him in the studio.
Team Static 4 life!!

Sebastian said...

Thanks TC, this is cool song to just chill too.
Slam's got an interview with Kieran as well, that's great news, i would like to hear his thoughts on how they vibed in the studio together.

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