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Music: Static Major "The Girls"

I'm lovin this song right here. This one is produced by Big Tank, who also produced "Private Number." Martina pointed out to me that the beat sounds familiar to Beyonce's "Upgrade U," and I can definitely hear that.

*All Exclusive Music provided by Neeze of SWATT Music*


  1. The Girls The Girls The Girls

  2. Ok, I know I've said this about almost every Static song, but I FRIGGIN LOVE THIS TRACK!!!!!

  3. eeeeeeeeeeeeeee NEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZZZZEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE good lookin famo . My new shit . yeah man im truly off this .........4life.,, thanks team static

  4. Can you name the sample? Solid track but not my favorite Tank song. NOW I know who Tank worked with when he was under Timbo.

  5. this joint is crazy. had me noddin my head soon as i hit play. much love to team static for throwin another big one out there. i love yall

  6. Sounds like an Aaliyah song. Would've been perfect for her. dope as always

  7. animal status....pure animal. static def possessed that "it" factor Devante nem keep talkin bout. sheesh. what couldn't he do???
    i'm speechless. thnk i got a crink in my neck i was boppin so hard.

  8. This def is banging. It's getting mad play in pod right now. The arrangements and the wordplay r stellar.


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