Interview: Shannon "Big Shann" Miller

Here is an exclusive interview courtesy of Dimu and the rest of the StaticMajorIsMusic crew:

Shannon "Big Shann" Miller (Vice President Of DeVante Swing's "Da Bassment") Sat Down Wit & Discussed Life In "Da Bassment & Wit "Static Major". Talks About Meeting DeVante Swing & Creating "Da Bassment", Studio Sessions, Music, High Speed Police Chase Wit DeVante, 1995 Urban Aid Tour, Jodeci, Mike Tyson, Notorious B.I.G,, Suge Knight, Gin & Juice Video etc. Shares His Stories, Laughs & Experiences Of What Jumped Off Tha Careers Of Ginuwine, Timbaland, Missy Elliott, Playa, Tweet, Magoo & Others. He Also Took Time Out To Give All Tha Listeners Out There Some Insight On Life, Tha Music Industry & HAD SOME SINCERE WORDS FOR "MAMA STATIC" !!

Peep Tha Interview, This Is One Good Hearted Brutha !!!

Big thank you to Shannon for taking time out of his busy schedule to conduct this interview with us. This is a must-listen for all Bassment fans!


Anonymous said...

Big up to Mr. Miller. I think so far he has been my favorite person interviewed so far, really enjoyed what he had to say.


Kelley said...

Great interview...Didn't know much about him before, but learned a lot about him and his experiences concerning Static/Da Bassment.

B L said...

Shannon said "wisdom is does not change" so what he's saying is.. wisdom is "static".

1 luv to shannon miller and Dimu/team static for another dope interview

RIP static for life..and death

SPINNER said...

This shows us what was really going on behind the scenes. Mr. Miller very Humble , Great interview Dimu . He said what we all know Steve "STATIC" had "IT" there was no doubt , it was all a plan from the get. RIP Bruh. Cant wait to see sum static lets gooooooooooooo

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